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What Next for Spain’s New President?

“I will have no enemies other than unemployment, deficit, excessive debt, economic stagnation, and all the things that keep our country in these critical circumstances.” Mariano Rajoy spoke calmly to an army of journalists in Madrid, on the night when he became Spain’s new president. Yet you’d be forgiven for not knowing this bearded man: … Continue reading

High Pay Equals Low Growth By Iain MacWhirter

The High Pay Commission has told us what we already knew: that the very rich have turned the economy into a personal wealth-generating machine.  Earnings for CEOs have risen thousandfold over the least thirty years as average earnings have only tripled. There is no conceivable economic justification for their extravagant wealth, which has arisen largely … Continue reading


Debt or Taxes – the battle of our time by Golem XIV on NOVEMBER 23, 2011 in LATEST Debt is to the free market and its political agenda as taxes are to democracy. Both are THE ultimate source of power for their respective worlds. Taxes are what gives governments their power. Debt is what gives banks and the financial system … Continue reading