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  Great changes are taking place in the United Kingdom. Scotland and the rest of the UK are increasingly coming to the conclusion that the current political set up is no longer suitable, and it would not be unreasonable to suggest that this is largely to due to the rise and rise of the Scottish … Continue reading

What Next for Spain’s New President?

“I will have no enemies other than unemployment, deficit, excessive debt, economic stagnation, and all the things that keep our country in these critical circumstances.” Mariano Rajoy spoke calmly to an army of journalists in Madrid, on the night when he became Spain’s new president. Yet you’d be forgiven for not knowing this bearded man: … Continue reading

The Invisible Fightback

By Mike Small The truth about the Clarkson debate is a society split and splitting down the middle between the Chipping Norton set writ-large: Middle England (and Middle Scotland) and the rest. As Kevin outlined yesterday (Save Leith Waterworld– and follow @splashback on Twitter) the attack on the poor starts by shutting down basic social amenities. … Continue reading